Azienda Agricola Colletonno

Lazio, Anagni
The name Corte dei Papi, court of the Popes, is inspired by the symbolism of Anagni, the city of the popes, as four popes were born here. It is this symbolism, also seen on the cathedral floors, which gathers the two wine estates, Colle Tonno and Villa Ferrari. Colle Tonno stretches over an area of 190 hectares, in the heart of the Cesanese Del Piglio DOC area. It has recently been designated a DOCG; they are waiting documentation. The very old geological origin of the soil makes the surrounding hills and the estates, Colle Tonno, Colle Ticchio, and Colle Ricchezza, gentle, evocative and perfect for the cultivation of the vine. The vineyards extend over 20 hectares, where Cesanese d'Affile and Cesanese Comune are planted-indigenous vines selected from old and historical vines, cultivated in these territories. To learn more visit Azienda Agricola Colletonno
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"Colle Sape" (COLLE-4)

colle ticchio fronte
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Cesanese del Piglio "Colle Ticchio" (COLLE-3)

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Cesanese Del Piglio "San Magno" (COLLE-2)

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